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Registry Easy Review

Registry Easy is one of the most popular registry tools in the Internet, with hundreds of people buying the registry cleaner every day. However, even though all these people are putting their faith into this registry cleaner, we need to know if it’s going to actually help us. Fortunately, this review is going to show you exactly what Registry Easy can do…

Registry Easy At A Glance
Registry Easy Registry Cleaner Review Download

Registry Easy Review

Registry Easy is a popular registry cleaner but is really lacking
in user support and upgrades…

Registry Easy Features

Registry Easy is actually one of the best-equipped registry tools on the market, with lots of useful features packed into it. Many of these features will help clean out the registry, but they can also get very confusing. Here are some of the most powerful features:

  • Full Registry Scanning
  • Scans Types Of 17 Registry Errors
  • Complete Backup Facility
  • System Optimization Tools
  • System Administration Tools
  • Browser Utilities
  • Windows 7 Compatible
  • Constant Updates

Does Registry Easy Work?

Registry Easy is very easy to download and install. You basically just download the installation file from their website (download here) and then follow the on-screen installation instructions. You then just load up the Registry Easy¬† program and it will give you a simple screen where you can select which categories of registry error you want to scan and fix. This is a very simple process, and you just need to click “Scan Now” to start to fix your PC.

Examining the scanning procedure of Registry Easy, it appears that works in a similar way to many registry tools – where it scans the registry files on your PC and then tries to find any problems that are in them. This means that it can quickly find 100’s of registry errors without using too many system resources at all. The Registry Easy program is actually able to find a large number of registry issues in the shortest period of time.

The other features of the Registry Easy registry cleaner also seem to work well, with the backup facility automatically protecting you from any issues; and other optimization utilities making your system run faster and more reliably. In order, Registry Easy works very well and is easy to use.

Is Registry Easy Effective?

Registry Easy seems to be very effective on the registry side of things, however, it does not seem to work as well for its other features. We tested this registry tool on several test computers and each time it was able to find and fix 400+ errors. It was simple and easy to use.

However, using the other features, such as the Internet optimizer or even the Junk File Remover, required some more effort which we felt a beginner would not be able to use. The other features of this registry cleaner were difficult to locate and weren’t that effective when we used them. This lead them to quickly become neglected, which made them worthless.

We are pleased with the way that Registry Easy was able to clean out our test computers. It was highly effective, but we felt that this registry cleaner was not as effective as it could have been.

Registry Easy Review Conclusion

Registry Easy is great for registry repair, but is bad for its other features.

We felt that Registry Easy is very good if you want to clean out the registry, but if you want to use it to “optimize” Windows, then you will be disappointed. With a lack of user support, a continual struggle to find other features and a bland user interface, our testers were not highly impressed by this cleaner. However, having said that, it did get the job done and was able to clean out an average of 400+ errors from our test computers.

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