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RegGenie Review

RegGenie is a relatively new registry cleaner which is growing in popularity every week. However, even though its got a new found list of users, this tool still need to prove its worthiness in this review. And although we aren’t fans of the garish color scheme it has, there’s no denying that this cleaner really is becoming incredibly popular online.

So let’s cut to the chase and find out if RegGenie is worth looking at or not…

RegGenie At A Glance
RegGenie Registry Cleaner Review Screenshot


RegGenie is quite popular and effective. However, its design and features
take time to get used to.

RegGenie Features

RegGenie was released late 2008 and has become a hot selling registry cleaner in this past year. This has been down to a user-friendly system and a powerful set of features, that allows this cleaner to effectively fix your PC. Here are some of RegGenie’s features:

  • Full Registry Scan
  • Scans 14 Registry Categories
  • Full Backup System
  • Safe-Scanning Feature
  • Startup Manager
  • Detailed Results / Statistics
  • Registry Compacter / Defrag
  • 3-Step Registry Cleaning
  • Automated Scanning
  • Windows 7 Compatible
  • Updates

Does RegGenie Work?

Having used RegGenie on many of our test computers, we were able to see how well it worked and what its flaws were. You just need to download the tool from the RegGenie website (download here), install it and then let it scan through your system. You will be greeted with a very simple screen when the program loads up, integrating the “3 step system” that many leading registry tools employ.

After you click “Start Scan”, RegGenie will automatically scan through all of the registry files on your PC, identifying errors that might be in there. It scans through all the separate “categories” of problems that it finds, making it able to find and fix a number of different registry issues that could be affecting your computer. Typically, our tests showed us that this registry cleaner finds around 500+ errors on your typical Windows PC.

RegGenie works well and is easy to use…. but the question is – is RegGenie effective?

Is RegGenie Effective

RegGenie registry cleaner review We have tested RegGenie on several PCs, with different versions of Windows installed on each; and every test showed us that this registry cleaner is able to find and fix many different registry issues. The average number of errors that were on our test computers was around 540 registry errors, which RegGenie was also able to clean.

We found that using this registry cleaner was simple, and it was able to find a lot of errors that several other leading cleaners could not. It has the ability to search through 14 different categories of problems, meaning that its chances of success are very high, and its other features allow it to quickly keep your computer running as smoothly and effectively as possible.

RegGenie is also able to keep your computer protected with a full backup facility as well as features such as a startup programs manager. All of these features combined make RegGenie highly effective.

RegGenie Review Conclusion

RegGenie is powerful but it’s down to personal taste

It definitely has all the features and the ability to clean up your system, but RegGenie is just a little bit too ugly for our liking. Personally, we prefer these kind of tools to be clean-cut and professional, but every time we see RegGenie it reminds us of pre-school. So if you’re just looking to fix your PC, RegGenie is highly recommended… but if you’re conscious about the design of the tool, then it’s worth looking at another cleaner, such as RegCure.

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