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RegCure Review

RegCure is a popular name in the registry cleaner industry. There was a time when it was the most popular registry cleaner in the world. According to RegCure website, it has 60 million users. And although we aren’t very big fans of the company that makes the software, we cannot deny the fact that this registry cleaner is a pretty solid option.

RegCure at a Glance



We rate RegCure as a good solid registry cleaner.

RegCure Features

RegCure has been designed to be as effective and versatile as possible, removing the most number of registry errors in a safe way. This is down to the many effective features that it has, allowing it to quickly find and eliminate the most damaging registry problems that Windows can face. Here are some of the most notable features that RegCure has:

  • Automatic Scanning
  • Complete Backup Facility
  • Full Registry Scanner
  • Startup Programs Manager
  • 11 Registry Categories Scanned
  • Scans System Files

Does RegCure Work?

Having used RegCure on several test computers, we’ve found that it’s able to find quite a few errors, but not as many as our top rated registry cleaner. It does clean up the errors it finds, but the process is not as easy and error-free as with our top pick. RegCure works well and is pretty solid, but it’s not the best.

RegCure’s main weak spot is its interface. Even though it’s easy enough to use, its interface looks outdated. To be honest, we find the program quite ugly.

Another weak point of this registry cleaner is that it’s not as feature-packed as its main competitors. That’s why RegCure is not our top pick.

To use RegCure, you just need to install the application (download it here) and then run it. It will then bring up a screen which shows you “Step 1 of 3” which you can then choose to proceed along, by pressing the “Start Scan” button. The process of using this cleaner is very simple.

RegCure Effectiveness


RegCure is quite effective, but it doesn’t find all registry errors and doesn’t fix major PC problems like crashes and Windows system errors. That’s why we don’t recommend this program to fix serious computer problems.

Registry cleaners are meant to speed up your PC and
fix computer errors
. RegCure does that, but not to the extent some of its competitors do.

We used RegCure on 3 test computers and it found the most problems on them.

RegCure Review Conclusion

RegCure is a good solid tool for basic registry maintenance and system speedup.


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