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Perfect Optimizer Review

Perfect Optimizer is a moderately popular registry tool online and has recently started to become more well-known. It boasts a professional design and a myriad of features. But with many people claiming this to be one of the “best” registry cleaners on the market, we’ve written this Perfect Optimizer review to separate fact from fiction.

Let’s take a look at how Perfect Optimizer performed in our review…

Perfect Optimizer At A Glance
Perfect Optimizer Registry Cleaner REview

Perfect Optimizer Review

Perfect Optimizer is a feature-rich application which is simply
trying to do too many things. It ends up just not being very good at any of them.

Perfect Optimizer Features

Perfect Optimizer is a regsitry and PC optimization tool which has been designed to clean out a number of different issues on your PC.  It’s designed to be much more than just a registry cleaner, and has a large selection of features to suit:

  • Registry Scanner
  • Evidence Eraser (Internet History)
  • Junk File Cleaner
  • File Associations Repair
  • System Optimizer
  • Internet Optimizer
  • Full Backup System
  • Upgrade Facility
  • Security & Spyware Cleaner
  • Windows 7 Compatible

Does Perfect Optimizer Work?

Perfect Optimizer is the creation of a Chinese company called “WeskySoft”. This company takes pride in its work and has created a tool which is apparently able to do a number of different things to help speed up your PC. These features include the ability to scan the registry, clean out junk files and even protect your PC from spyware. And with the list of features getting longer with each update, it’s no surprise that many people are suspicious of this tool.

To get Perfect Optimizer onto your PC, you simply need to click onto the PO website (download here), click the download button and then install the program. This will put the software onto your PC and will then load up and automatically start scanning your system. This is exactly how the program was designed to operate, and its actually one of the only scanning programs to simultaneously scan 6 different parts of your PC.

The installation and usability of this tool seems to be very good.
But what about it’s effectiveness?

Is Perfect Optimizer Effective?

Perfect Optimizer has been tested on several of our test computers and seems to work okay. The problem with this cleaner is that it appears to be trying to do too much, and it has really hampered its effectiveness. For example, when you first load the program, it starts trying to scan 6 separate parts of your PC; and for some computers, this could start a blue-screen-of-death error, or a crash.

The actual scanning capability of this tool also seems to be stunted from its foray into many different areas of your PC. Our top rated cleaner, RegCure, has been designed to find and fix 11 problems inside the registry. This tool not only does that, but scans your junk files, Internet history and spyware infections. This is a big problem, because it’s “blunted” the cleaner’s effectiveness on all fronts, making it just a general tool that only works well as a whole.

The problem many people are reporting with Perfect Optimizer is how it often seems to just do “half the job” and is incapable of being able to fix the registry in the best possible way. We’ve found that this cleaner would only find around 200 errors on our system, whilst some of the most popular tools (like RegCure) were capable of finding 500+ errors.

Perfect Optimizer Review Conclusion

Avoid Perfect Optimizer Like The Plague And Get A Different Registry Cleaner

Perfect Optimizer wasn’t designed to be a bad tool… but the way it tries to find all sorts of issues with your PC just makes it hideous. It not only requires massive amounts of memory to operate, but it’s unstable and unreliable, to the point that it might even damage your PC. This tool has been designed in good faith, but if you want to clean out the registry, it’s highly advised that you use a more specific cleaner, which is a lot more effective and capable.

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