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Frontline Registry Cleaner Review

The Frontline Registry Cleaner is one of the later cleaners to be released, having just been launched in January of 2010. It’s been produced by a large software company in England to scan for registry errors and junk files with one scan. With more and more people using this tool, we decided to test it out and found it works extremely well…. so well that it is actually our best registry cleaner right now.

Frontline Registry Cleaner is our top pick registry cleaner for a reason, so let’s investigate why!

Frontline Registry Cleaner At A Glance


We rate Frontline Cleaner as the best registry cleaner because it is effective, versatile and reliable.

Frontline Registry Cleaner Features

Frontline Registry Cleaner has a lot of unique and effective features, which work to optimize your PC in the most effective and reliable way possible. Unlike other registry tools, which are just designed to find & fix registry errors, the Frontline Registry Cleaner has been designed to clean out junk files as well as defragment the registry. You can see the full list of features that Frontline has:

  • Scans 11 Registry Errors
  • Registry Defragmenter
  • Junk File Cleaner
  • Complete Backup Facility
  • Comprehensive Results
  • Startup Manager
  • Easy-To-Use Design
  • Windows 7 Compatible

Does Frontline Registry Cleaner Work?

Having used Frontline Registry Cleaner on several test computers, we’ve found that it’s able to find the most amount of errors out of the othere registry cleaners we have reviewed. However, it wasn’t this that made us favor this as our favorite registry cleaner. The reason why Frontline Registry Cleaner is our top pick tool is because of all the extra features & details this tool has that allows it to scan and fix even more problems on your computer than ever before. This cleaner can remove registry errors and junk files, allowing you to quickly and easily make your computer run much faster from one scan…

Frontline Registry Cleaner has been designed to be as effective as possible. It doesn’t just scan your PC blindly to find errors, it has an intelligent scanning engine which finds and removes a large number of registry errors and junk files. The cleaner has been produced by a large software company in England (Frontline Utilities) who apparently keep the software updated regularly, making it extremely reliable and effective even on Windows 7.

To use Frontline Cleaner, you just need to install the application (download it here) and then run it. It will then bring up a screen which shows you “Step 1 of 3” which you can then choose to proceed along, by pressing the “Start Scan” button. The process of using this cleaner is very simple.

Frontline Registry Cleaner Effectiveness

Having used Frontline Registry Cleaner with other registry tools, we’ve found that this registry cleaner has been one of the most effective and powerful. It’s ease-of-use and speed allows it to quickly find the most problems on your system, and its advanced scanning engine also allows it to find registry errors and junk files as well.

A unique feature to this tool is the way in which it can scan and fix all the junk files that are on your system. This is a huge bonus, as it basically trims the ‘fat’ off your computer and allows it to read all the files it wants whenever it needs them. Using this tool with the junk file cleaner can be very beneficial, as it allows your computer to run faster and smoother again.

Registry cleaners are meant to speed up your PC and fix computer errors. And having used Frontline Registry Cleaner, we have found that it works to quickly eliminate the most problems inside the registry & system in the fastest and most reliable way.

We used Frontline Registry Cleaner on 3 test computers and it found the most problems of all the cleaners we tested. It was also able to perform a number of other tasks, such as enabling / disabling the startup programs on our system. This cleaner was by far the most effective and easiest to use. We highly recommend it.

Frontline Registry Cleaner Review Conclusion

This registry cleaner is a pretty good choice, but not as rock-solid and effective as our #1 registry cleaner.


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