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SpeedyPC Review – Review Of The SpeedyPC Program By Pareto Logic

SpeedyPC is a new tool designed by “Pareto Logic” which is meant to be able to boost the speed of your system by optimising a number of common errors that your computer has. This tool has not that popular yet but is being downloaded more and more each day. Unfortunately, we have unearthed a lot of bad details about this tool which we want to share with you today.

SpeedyPC Review

What Is SpeedyPC?

SpeedyPC is a software tool which is meant to speed up your computer system. It’s billed as being able to make your computer run dramatically faster than normal by being…

an innovative software product packed with advanced features to help you optimize your PC.

The idea behind SpeedyPC is very notable – as several other developers have also created their own computer optimization programs. The most popular of these is a tool called “TuneUp Utilities” which is extremely popular.

What Does SpeedyPC Claim To Do?

SpeedyPC is a computer optimization tool, and is claimed to do the following:

  • Make Windows run faster in general
  • Boost startup time for your PC
  • Make programs load faster
  • Clean out errors that make Windows run slow
  • Help make your computer run like new again

This system is claimed to make your PC run like it did whe nit was new, allowing you to quickly make the most of your computer system.

What SpeedyPC Actually Does

The SpeedyPC product is a scam!!

SpeedyPc has been promoted as being a tool that’s meant to boost the speed of your computer. For this, anyone would expect a program that scans through Windows and optimize a variety of different settings that will make your computer run faster. Instead… SpeedyPC is just a registry cleaner, and is actually just a rebrand of the popular “RegCure” registry cleaner at that.

See any similarities?…

SpeedyPC Application

RegCure Application

SpeedyPC is just a re-brand of RegCure. There are absolutely no differences, enhancements or new features. Pareto Logic, the developer of both applications have just re-branded their popular “RegCure” registry cleaner to make it more appealing to people with slow computers. This is a scam.

We’ve also made a video detailing this issue which you can see here:


SpeedyPC is just RegCure in disguise, and they are both not very effective at speeding up Windows! Don’t buy SpeedyPC if you want to speed up your system, instead you should purchase a tool called “Frontline Registry Cleaner” instead.

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