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How To Stop Programs Loading Slow

Slow loading programs are very annoying and cause many people to do drastic things to speed things up. Computers that take a long time to load up programs have been an issue for a very long time, and even though we’ve got the likes of Windows 7 being released, it’s still a big problem today.

What Causes Your Computer To Load Programs Slowly?

The reason why most computers load programs slowly is down to the number of settings and files that the programs have, and how easy it is for your PC to read them. Computer programs are a little more complicated than what you might think. To run smoothly, every PC program now has to rely on a series of settings and files which are stored in various parts of your PC. Whenever you load up the program, you computer has to read all the settings and files that the program needs, otherwise it cannot run.

Programs load up slowly when the files and settings they need either cannot be found or cannot be read. These are two major issues which affect all Windows computers and the more files / settings that your PC cannot find when it needs them, the longer it’s going to be until your computer can read the files it needs.

The reason why the various settings and files that programs need become damaged is all down to how your computer works. Many people have several different programs open at once, which confused Windows and leads it to save many of the files they are using in the wrong places, causing them to become damaged and unreadable. This makes Windows take much longer to find & read the files next time, making it run slowly.

What’s The Best Way To Fix This Problem?

You should download a registry cleaner to fix all the corrupt settings in your system.

To fix a problem with programs that are loading slowly, you have two options. The first is to reinstall the programs that take longer to load up. This will replace all the files & settings that they need back into the right places and should make those particular programs load faster. This is recommended if you have individual programs taking a long time to load up. However, this technique will not guard against future problems of this nature.

The other option you have is to clean out all the “File / Path References” which are inside the ‘registry database’. The registry database stores all the settings for Windows and is where many of your PC’s programs store settings and information for Windows. In a nutshell, the registry is the place where most program files become damaged and is what you need to fix in order to get your PC to load up the files it needs again.

The best way to speed up the time it takes your computer to load up programs is to use a ‘registry cleaner‘. This is a tool which scans through the registry database and fixes any of the damaged or corrupted files that are slowing programs down and allows your computer to load them up faster again. You will want to use a tool which fixes the most errors inside the registry database and having used a lot of these , you should use our top recommended one below:

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