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How To Remove The “Google Redirect Virus”

??The Google Redirect Virus is one of the most annoying and common viruses to infect computers of today. It’s typically characterized by the virus infecting your system and then redirecting your search engine results to fake websites, which don’t have any useful content on them at all. Although this infection will continually install onto a variety of computer systems, the problem is that most anti-virus programs are unable to get rid of it. If you find this is a problem, it’s advisable that you follow the tutorial in this article to remove the Google Redirect Virus for good.

What Is The Google Redirect Virus?

The Google Redirect Virus is one of the most cunning infections ever created. Instead of installing a file / program onto your PC (Which is what most viruses do), it will just change a few files and settings that your system uses to redirect the various websites & search engine results. This means that if you want to get rid of the infection, you will have to be able to use a tool / technique that will go through your PC and fix the various settings that it has damaged / changed. Most anti-virus programs cannot do this very well… but the tools we recommend below can:

How To Remove The Google Redirect Virus from your PC

Step 1 – Download “ComboFix” To Remove The Infected Files

Download ComboFix here

“ComboFix” is a little-known antivirus program that basically removes any infections from files that it’s told to go and fix. Most antivirus programs fail to remove the Google Redirect virus because they are unable to identify the various infected settings that the infection has altered, and therefore think nothing is wrong with your PC. ComboFix can tell if a program / setting in Windows is damaged and will fix the problems for you.

You should download ComboFix.exe and save it to your desktop (no need to install it)

Step 2 – Download ComboFix Script To Fix Specific Windows Files

Download The Script Here

ComboFix works by taking a “script” and then following the information and instructions outlined on it. The script available for download here will basically fix the various Windows login programs, which research shows the virus to hide in. You can remove the Google Redirect Virus by downloading this script to your desktop and then dragging the text file onto “ComboFix.exe”.

Step 3 – Clean With ComboFix & Then Frontline Registry Cleaner

Download Frontline Registry Cleaner

You should let the ComboFix program fix the various infected settings & files that your computer has, to get rid of the infection from them. This will remove all the files that the Redirect Virus placed onto your computer… but the bad news is that there are a series of settings & options it will keep in the registry of your PC, which may bring it back. Not many people take this next step, but it’s crucial if you want to remove this virus completely from your system.

The registry of your PC is a large database which stores all the settings, information and files that Windows requires to run. Even though this part of your system is extremely important, it’s continually getting a large number of errors and other problems stored inside. The Google Redirect Virus likes to keep a huge number of settings inside this database, and so you need to get rid of those with a registry cleaner program to prevent the infection from coming back. We recommend using “Frontline Registry Cleaner” to get rid of the settings this virus may have.

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