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How To Make Your Computer Run As Fast As The Day It Was Bought

Slow computers are annoying and incredibly frustrating, preventing many people from being able to watch movies, play games or even do their work on their computers. This problem has been an issue for personal computers for as long as they have been around… but fortunately, new technology is making this problem less and less common.

What Causes Your Computer To Run Slow?

The biggest cause behind slow computers is actually a part of Windows itself. Every Windows system has a central “core” called the ‘registry’. The registry is a big database – or directory – which stores all sorts of settings, information and options for your system. It’s basically like a big “Yellow Pages” for your PC, except instead of telephone numbers, your computer stores settings.

The registry is where Windows can look up various properties like your desktop wallpaper and login name, and is best described as being a ‘virtual memory’ for your system. This is all well and good, but the registry is actually the biggest reason why your computer is running slowly.

Because your computer constantly needs to use the registry to function, it’s forever opening and editing 100’s of registry files each time you use your system. This means that whenever you use your system, it’s constantly opening many different files, which make it confused and leads it to save many of them in the wrong way. This causes the database to become damaged and mixed up, making your system unable to read the files it needs, slowing it down.

Why New PC’s Run So Fast

Many people comment on how quickly new computers seem to run. This is nothing new – people have been relying on new PCs to run fast for many years… and its all down to the registry & Windows.

The reason why new computers able to run at peak performance is because they don’t have any sort of damaged files that are holding them back. This means that when you first get your PC from the store, it’s able to process files instantly and run as many programs as you want. However, as your computer gets older, it will actually get more corrupt files clogging up your system.

How To Make Your PC Run Like New Again

You can make your computer run quickly again by fixing all the damaged & mixed-up files inside the registry. This is done by downloading & using a registry cleaner, which will scan through the entire registry database and then fix any of the issues that are in there.

You just need to:

This technique is quite controversial online, because many people don’t realize how important it is to keep the registry running as smoothly and effectively as possible. However, you really need the registry database to be as orderly and effective as possible, in order to make your system run as quickly as you want.

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